Electrical conductivity

Electrical conductivity is a physical parameter in the mantle that can be estimated from the surface as well as seismic wave velocities. Although a number of laboratory conductivity measurements have been made for mantle minerals to explain conductivity structure in the mantle, it is found that electrical conductivity in the mantle is generally too high based on the results of laboratory measurements. Although such high conductivity used to be explained by proton conduction, this possibility was clearly denied by experimental evidence. In addition, the 3D conductivity heterogeneity shows a completely different pattern from the seismic tomography.

These anomalies could be caused by trace amounts of partial melting in the upper mantle. In order to prove this hypothesis, we try to measure electrical conductivity of model peridotite with small amounts of partial melts.

Past studies

Electric conductivity of the oceanic asthenosphere [Katsura et al., 2017]